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Special care is required to ensure optimal functioning of your hearing aid. Visit Hear Better Niagara and enjoy in-house cleaning of hearing aids in Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake.

Dos and Don'ts for Taking Care of Your Hearing Aid


Moisture and Dampness


Hearing aids are manufactured with tiny components and intricate circuitry. For this reason, avoid exposing your hearing aids to heat, humidity, and chemicals. You should remove your hearing aid prior to showering or swimming. Open the battery door to allow air circulation when you are not using your hearing aid, such as overnight. Never use a microwave or oven to dry your hearing aid, or leave it near a heater or in your car.


You should protect your hearing aids from direct contact with chemicals like cosmetics, perfume, hair spray, and insect repellant, as they can damage your device. Before applying these products, you should always remove your hearing aid and let the product dry before you reinsert the device.


The wax produced in your ear canal may clog up the earpiece, which is one of the main causes of problems with hearing aids. You should clean away accumulated wax every day.

Pets and Children

Dogs may get irritated by the whistling sound from hearing aids and may chew them. Hearing aid batteries pose a threat if swallowed by children or pets. Always keep your hearing aids and batteries out of reach, and contact your doctor or vet if a battery or hearing aid is accidentally swallowed.

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